Sessies in het Engels zijn mogelijk.

Sessions are possible in English.

why a Marriage counseling weekend in Drenthe?

Bos- en heidengebied Exloo
Bos- en heidengebied Exloo

For two to three days you will be in beautiful Drenthe, on the Drentse Hondsrug. Between the sessions you can enjoy the fine forest and heathland areas in Exloo or you can visit the Valtherbos.


The sessions increase awareness in yourself and in your partner, so that a better insight into your own actions and functioning and that of your partner arises. The understanding for each other increases, you can communicate better what you feel and what you want and you understand the motives of your partner better.


Your patience will also grow and you will feel more space to listen to each other. Because you learn to communicate in this way, you increase the connection and you feel more valued and heard.


The advantages of Marriage Counseling weekend

  • Work undisturbed on your relationship without the issues of the day having an influence.
  • No stress from a long working day after which you still have to follow therapy.
  • Insight into problems faster.
  • Work more intensively on solutions.
  • Faster results because of many different conversations in a row.
  • A better focus on the conversations because the therapy does not have to be 'in between'.
  • Between the sessions, space to walk, eat, exercises or to talk.

What 's included?

A 2 of 3 day marriage counseling weekend.


With a two-day package you get four sessions of 2 hours each.

With a 3-day package you will receive 5 sessions of 2 hours each.In between the sessions there is enough time to walk, eat, and to talk together or do any exercises.


There are plenty of Hotels and B&Bs available in the (very) nearby area.


Free introduction call.

2 day marriage counseling weekend, Saturday and Sunday € 800,- VAT included.

3 day marriage counseling weekend Friday, Saturday and Sunday € 990,- VAT included.

Hotels and restaurants:

Many B&Bs, Hotels and Restaurants can be found within driving distance. Below some suggestions.