Marriage Counseling: to feel seen, heard, understood and valued again


Relationship therapy can help you feel seen, heard, understood, and valued within your relationship. Communication problems can quickly arise, and it can be difficult to understand each other at times. With relationship therapy, you can work together to improve communication, increase understanding of each other's needs, and restore intimacy and connection in your relationship.


As John Mayer already sang in 2012: "Love is a verb". Love is an action, and it is not at all strange to want to work on your relationship. Together, we will work on restoring your relationship.


Do you recognize this?

A relationship that is going down the drain is not a good feeling. Maybe you recognize (one of) these points: 

  • You argue more often.
  • Getting irritated with each other over minor issues.
  • You do less and less together.
  • Feeling like you don't belong together anymore.
  • Have no or less sex.
  • Less or poor communication with each other.
  • Dread going home in the evening.
  • The loss of trust in each other.
  • Emotional connection becomes less.
  • You no longer feel valued, heard or understood.
  • You feel lonely in your relationship.


To a healthy future together with relationship therapy that suits you

 Do you feel that your relationship has stalled or do you think it will stall in the future? Then relationship therapy is a great way to help you move forward together. But even if nothing goes wrong, relationship therapy is a healthy addition to your relationship. It helps you understand your partner on an even deeper level.



What does couples therapy bring you?

 Couples therapy increases awareness in yourself and the other person, so that you have a better insight into your own actions and functioning and that of the other person. This increases understanding for each other, you can better communicate what you feel and what you want and you understand your partner's motives. Your patience will also grow and you will feel more space to listen to each other. Because you learn to communicate in this way, you increase the connection and you feel more valued and heard.



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