The Key Do's and Don'ts of Conflict Resolution Techniques for Couples

As a couple, you will inevitably face disagreements or arguments at some point. How you handle these conflicts can be crucial to the health of your relationship. In this article, we will discuss some essential do's and don'ts of conflict resolution techniques that can help you and your partner effectively deal with conflicts in a constructive manner.



1.      Stay calm and respectful

One of the most important things you can do during a conflict is to remain calm and communicate respectfully with your partner. Avoid shouting or using offensive language. Instead, ask questions and try to understand what motivates the other person.


2.      Seek solutions

When in the midst of a conflict, it can be challenging to see beyond the emotions of the moment. Nevertheless, it is important to work together in search of solutions. Listen to each other's suggestions and look for compromises that both of you can agree upon.


3.      Respect each other's boundaries

Sometimes, both partners need time to cool down before continuing the conversation. Respect each other's boundaries and give each other space. It's better to revisit the topic later when both of you are mentally and emotionally calmer.



1.      Avoid destructive language

Phrases like "you always do the same thing" or "your behavior is the cause of our problem" have little constructive value and can hurt your partner. Try to avoid using such destructive language.


2.      Watch your body language

Your body language often speaks louder than words. If, during a conflict, you slam doors, wave your arms, or roll your eyes, it can escalate the discussion. Instead, try to be open and relaxed, and demonstrate that you are genuinely listening to your partner.


3.      Don't give in for the sake of peace 

When faced with conflicts, we sometimes just want to keep the peace. However, it is important to remain honest about what you think and feel. It is better to seek appropriate compromises than to betray your own opinion.


By considering these do's and don'ts and applying these conflict resolution techniques, hopefully, you can better understand each other and work together in future disagreements. Remember that conflicts are inevitable, but how you handle them determines their impact on your relationship.



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